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QSURE forges ahead on growth and service delivery strategy

QSURE is proud to announce the employment of not one but two Sales Executives to its sales team. Chanel van Dyk and Janus Prins joined the QSURE team at its head office in Johannesburg on 1 December 2020.

Chanel van Dyk
Chanel van Dyk
Janus Prins
Janus Prins

This move to expand its staff compliment is in line with QSURE’s strategy to drive growth and quality service delivery in the new year. After recently launching the company’s fresh new brand with the promise of ‘Integrity In Motion’, the sales team is extremely excited to bring new energy to their clients and the company’s service offerings.

Van Dyk and Prins are sure to be busy as the Company works tirelessly to bring its de-risked premium management offering, XcelerateXpress, to its customer base, whereby premiums are collected directly into the Insurer’s bank account. The coming year will also bring multiple system enhancements to further cater to the needs of its Clients, cementing QSURE’s dedication to delivering unparalleled service excellence.

They will be starting the year off with a jam-packed itinerary, but both van Dyk and Prins confirm they are up to the challenge. “I get to improve peoples lives. It’s like solving a puzzle, finding a solution to a customers needs. With QSURE’s service offerings and upcoming innovations I know I can meet those needs and that’s an incredibly rewarding feeling” says van Dyk.

With the combined experience of over two decades in the Sales field both van Dyk and Prins are truly passionate about the sales process. “it is so satisfying working day in and day out with your clients, building open and honest relationships and seeing your work result in a genuine solution to your client’s needs. Working for a company with over 25 years experience in its field gives me the confidence to know I can achieve my goals of helping my clients realize theirs” confirms Prins.

The company is also pleased by the added benefit they bring through their personal knowledge and hands on experience with QSURE’s target market having worked in the Insurance industry for many years. “this personal experience just adds even more value to QSURE’s already established exceptional offerings and service levels combined with our state-of-the-art technology platforms and system capability. We are thrilled to have them join our team” says COO of QSURE, Ian du Toit.

The insurance industry is familiar territory to Prins who was inspired and grew up in a family who all worked in the industry. “This is an industry I believe in, it contributes to the protection and peace of mind of citizens which is incredibly motivating and I’m eager to grow my knowledge and skills in this new aspect of the market” said Prins. Van Dyk adds “I always wanted to be a part of creating a positive impact and this industry’s focus is protecting their customers in difficult and unforeseen times.QSURE’s service offering is focused on assisting these Industry players and I’m looking forward to bringing value to my clients”.

While their passion for the industry and sales field is evident, the road ahead is sure to be a full and demanding one but they are looking forward to the challenge with the support of their colleagues saying “our time with the company has been incredibly welcoming and positive so far”. Van Dyk enjoys channelling her excess creativity through art, painting and décor or enjoying the exhilarating sport of Formula One while Prins can be found hitting balls on the golf course in his down time and enjoying quality time with his children.

QSURE is looking forward to the value these new additions to the team will bring and for them to start engaging with current and prospective clients.

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