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QSURE is the ideal outsource or intermediary partner to bring value to Insurers, Insurance Intermediaries (brokers and UMAs) and other players in the Insurance Industry through its tailored, specialised collections and payment service package.

There is also a complimentary range of services on offer to choose from - all of which are guaranteed by design to further complement your business, making QSURE the perfect fit within the premium collections value chain.

We are experts in this field, and your decision to let QSURE support this integral part of your business will give you more freedom to focus on your areas of expertise and grow your business.

Debit Order Collections / Deposits & Payment Services

Our service secures the seamless administration of your collections and payments.

Your business will be managed on a state-of-the-art, sophisticated and flexible premium handling system, known as Xcelerate - proprietary designed and developed on the back of more than 25 years of expertise.

Inclusive System Features:
  • Alleviate the banking administrative burden of your collections and payment requirements
  • 24/7 Secure online system access
  • Configurable and secure system user profile access
  • Transparency of all movement (incoming & outgoing funds) including audit trail
  • Enjoy the benefit of a dedicated, skilled and experienced Service Consultant supporting your portfolio of business within the context of regulatory compliance, service-level agreements and risk management
  • Obtain daily reporting of all portfolio movements providing you with business insights to effectively manage your business
  • A suite of reports is available on-line, some of which includes:
    Account balances
    Debit order import summaries
    Payment confirmations
    Allocated deposits
  • Business Intelligence (BI) reports providing banking business related data per broker/UMA
  • Advantage of multiple debit order strike dates to accommodate your specific business needs
  • Unlimited file submissions
  • Agile enough to accommodate ever-changing regulations
  • An innovative system providing you the ability to segment your portfolios through sub-accounting
  • And much more...

Outsource Partner - the Insurer

  • Move with the preferred trend in the Insurance Industry and manage your collections directly in the account of your Insurer
  • The most efficient way to de-risk your premium collections  
  • Functional ability to be part of the payment authorisation processes
  • Transparency of all data movement - collections / deposits / rejections / payments, including audit trail
  • Receive bank-split reports to assist with the credit control reconciliation of accounts to actual bank accounts
  • A variety of reports are available to provide insight into data

Intermediary Partner - the Broker / UMA / Administrator

  • System compatible with all insurance policy administration systems
  • Experience full control of data visibility throughout the collection and payment process
  • Flexible business rules and verification checks to ensure compliance with the fast-changing regulatory environment
  • A variety of reports are available to provide insight into data
Supplementary to our Collections & Payment Services:

Forex Services

An option geared towards the businesses needing to manage premiums in a foreign currency without the burden of foreign exchange management.
Inclusive Features:
  • Enjoy attractive rates in relation to other financial institutions
  • Benefit from more than 10 years' experience in this field and the personal support of dedicated staff
  • Brings you the advantage of dealing with one service provider for both collections and forex requirements
  • Ideal for Lloyd's Cover Holders, OMCs and business placed with other foreign insurers as well as for your International policy holders.

Claims Handling

Ideal for:
  • Insurers looking to reduce the number of bank accounts and bank charges
  • intermediaries looking to increase their customer service delivery through the fast tracking of claims payments
  • Insurers - enjoy the benefits of claims management through a fully segregated platform i.e. you only need your one bank account hosted on our Xcelerate platform, with all your Intermediaries fully segregated onto one bank account
  • Intermediaries - can process claims payments on the intuitively, sophisticated Xcelerate System and enjoy all the features and benefits the system provides for this service
  • Salvage deposits and First Loss Floats can also be efficiently managed in separate accounts for easy reconciliation purposes
  • Full transparency and controls of fund movements available for both Insurer and the Intermediary

QSURE offers competitive pricing models, matching the high level of service excellence you will expect, combined with a skilled and experienced workforce and sophisticated, user friendly systems. This promises the business and system support you will require to effectively manage this integral part of your business process.

Contact us to discuss the pricing model that would suit the service offering.

At a Glance ...

QSURE offers a range of specialised debit order collection and payment services primarily focused on the Insurance Industry in South Africa.

Your business will be administered by a team of highly experienced, skilled professionals on state-of-the-art, sophisticated technology platforms. By choosing QSURE as a business partner, you choose a partner with a real passion for service excellence.

There is a range of supplementary services available to further enhance your business needs if required.

Our Sales Team would welcome the opportunity to engage with you to discuss options to meet your business requirements.

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