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QSURE is a licensed Financial Services Provider– FSP 50552 - specializing in providing debit order collection and payment services for the Insurance industry. We are not an Insurer, Broker, UMA or Policy Administration System provider.

The business has more than 25 years of experience in premium handling services and is currently administrating just over R1.1 bill worth of premium per month, serving on average just over 250 intermediaries located in most of the major centers throughout South Africa. We are known in the market for our state-of-the-art premium handling system known as Xcelerate.

The premium collection landscape continues to experience significant regulatory changes. With our years of experience in the industry and a high level of flexibility, QSURE is at the forefront of these changes. In line with the industry trend and regulatory preference, approximately 75% of all collections are already collected on-balance sheet via our XcelerateXpress platform. The ultimate objective is for on-balance sheet collections to be the core of the business model.

QSURE is governed by an Executive Committee comprising of Executives of both QSURE and Q LINK lead by Chief Executive Officer Ian Thompson. The Executive Committee reports to the Board of Directors.

experience in premium handling
worth of premium per month
located throughout South Africa.

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