Debit Order Enquiry

Debit Order Enquiry

QSURE is an authorised and licensed Financial Services Provider. We primarily provide debit order collection services of insurance premiums on behalf of insurance brokers and UMAs, who have given us instruction and permission to collect such premiums. It is therefore most likely that the debit order against your account will be in respect of an insurance policy you hold.

The authority to collect such premium has been given by you to your insurance broker. We do not hold records of insurance policies nor do we have the mandate required to cancel or amend a premium – we merely act as a collection agent for the broker. You should contact your insurance broker if you have any queries in terms of the policies you hold.

Should you wish to obtain more information to assist you in resolving your query, kindly complete and submit the form, providing as much detail as possible. A QSURE Service consultant will respond to you as soon as possible.

In some cases, the reference number on your bank account may not reflect in full in which case the Service Consultant may request your banking details telephonically (never via email or any other way) in order to trace and assist.

The Service Consultant will provide you with the contact details of the business that has instructed us to debit your account. You will then be able to raise your query with them.

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