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FIA Insights 2023 Quarter 3

There’s been a lot of talk around digitalisation and new technology recently – including in this magazine – and with good reason. Innovations such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are disrupting our industry at an unprecedented rate. However, while technology can make processes faster and more efficient, we must never forget that we are in the business of people. That’s why we’ve themed this The Human Issue.


As we look ahead to the trends that will shape our industry into the future, it’s evident that digitalisation will become the norm. But rather than replacing humans, what we will see is a partnership between humans and machines that will give clients the benefits of both. In this issue, we explore what that might look like – and how to attract and retain skills that will future proof our businesses for a more digital future.

However, tech isn’t the only force of change at play in the industry right now. Clients are diverse and if we’re going to service them properly, it’s important that the industry reflects that diversity, too. It’s also important that we go about achieving that objective in an authentic way that benefits all parties concerned. This issue explores the subject of transformation from various angles – including the FIA’s stance on the new Employment Equity Amendment Bill targets announced by the government earlier this year.

It’s the season of new beginnings. The weather is warming up and the downhill sprint towards the end of the year has begun. Remember to prioritise your mental health – you can only show up for clients if you’re looking after yourself.

We hope you enjoy the issue!


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